Jan 06

Help Re-treat Our Saved Ash Trees!

Treated ash tree in OB Sherry Park

A saved ash tree in OB Sherry Park

Please help us build up our Park Ash Tree Re-Treatment Fund in time for our January 2018 deadline! Any amount of donation from you makes a difference. 600 people donating $10 each would help us reach our goal.

The City of Madison Park Division’s Adopt-a-Park-Tree Program allows people to donate to have large healthy park ash trees treated by injection to protect against emerald ash border (EAB).

In 2015, the Eastmorland Community Association (ECA), together with hundreds of volunteers, successfully raised enough money to treat 33 of our park ash trees, all healthy and 50 to 200 years old:

  • 22 saved in Olbrich Park
  • 6 saved in OB Sherry Park
  • 4 saved in Eastmorland Park
  • 1 saved in Ontario Park

Current city policy requires re-treatment every three years.

More info:

Kathy Soukup, ECA President: 608-244-8965
Linda Haglund-Lynch, ECA Director: 608-335-9261

Or mail donation to:

ECA Attn: Save the Park Ash Trees Fund
P.O. Box 14584
Madison WI 53708

Eastmorland’s saved park ash trees are marked by upside-down blue Ts and metal ID tags. ECA thanks its friends and neighbors for their continued support to save these trees.

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Ash tree in Olbrich Park

Large iconic ash tree in Olbrich Park